I love taking a quick roadtrip to Cincinnati! It's so close by and it's easy to just drive up for a weekend or even just a few hours.
On this last trip, I was lucky enough to get to work with 21C and it was so fun! I love staying at 21C because it's built in entertainment. You can literally just walk through the gallery whenever you please. So many interesting pieces and great talking points for you and your travel partner or your group.
I also got hooked up with Crown Republic Gastropub and Metropole.
Crown Republic had some really great comfort foods but all reimagined in a new American style like hummus with duck fat there was amazing. The drinks were really good too of course. We planned on going out on the town afterwards so the waiter recommended these bars.

I also personally love the spicy margaritas at Bakersfield and going to Jack's casino for a quick 20 minutes or so just to have fun. We ended up having to go back to the hotel because both of us forgot cash for the casino and once we got back we decided to just stay in.
The next day we got up and took all the photos I wanted for the blog and Instagram. We had access to the roof top even though it's usually closed at this time. I loved the sky view so definitely want to go back when it's rooftop bar season!
We were starving by this point so then we headed to Metropole for brunch. They had a really amazing breakfast burrito. I just got mine without sausage since I'm vegetarian. Everything about it was so so good and I love that they served it open faced.  Afterwards, I really wanted to refresh before we checked out so I took a quick bubble bath. I love their bathrooms. The bath tub and shower were amazing. Plus they have a few fun body part tiles hidden in the decor.
Where are your favorite places to visit in Cincinnati? Where should I go next?