All the Way Up with Lescalade Fitness

All the Way Up with Lescalade Fitness


One of my favorite pastimes is exercising.

Yes, I realize I sound crazy but hear me out!


Humans are animals and we are meant to get our energy out through physical and mental activity. You need to get the blood pumping in your brain, heart, and muscles to use up all the energy from that delicious food you eat all day and tire you out so you can get a good night's rest.

That's why obstacle course races, group sports, yoga, and dance classes are so fulfilling. You use both your brain and your body through those activities and it's great for your mind, body, and soul. (Running can do the same if you enjoy it, but that's for a different post.)

I enjoy all the above solo but I really thrive when I have my friends around me and we can all have fun playing. Getting active through sport/exercise with the gang reminds me of being a kid and running around the neighborhood or at camp. No one cares that you're sweaty or out of breath. We're all there having fun, supporting each other, and staying healthy!

I'm lucky that, through GirlMeetsLex, not only do I get to enjoy new activities with friends but I also get to share my experiences with you! I hope to inspire everyone to grab their squad/fam/gang/group or whatever you call your friends and get moving!

I recently called, texted, and fb messaged my friends and had them meet me at L'escalade Fitness for a day full of fun! Every single one of us had a blast and were super sore the next day!

L'escalade Fitness

First things first, L'escalade Fitness is a rock climbing gym on Broadway. They have fitness classes and a coaching room too that I'll tell you more about later.

The first time you go to L'escalade you purchase a First Time Climbing Day Pass for $22.

This includes rental gear, a belay lesson, and access to the entire facility except for the coaching room.

Climbing Newbies

We got there as soon as they opened, full of excitement. We got our rental shoes and harnesses on and were ready to go! Samantha, the facility manager, took us on a tour of the facility and then set us free.

We bouldered and auto-belayed while we waited for our top rope belay lesson.

The bouldering walls are for free climbing (no harness). A few were like monkeys climbing to the top, while the rest of us tentatively climbed halfway and then jumped down.


The auto-belay was much less scarier but there are only four so we had to take turns. Anyone can do the auto-belay on their own so this is perfect for those days when you want to climb solo. When you want to go down you just kick your legs out and let the pulley system lower you down. It can be a little scary the first few times but you get used to it and it's kind of fun!

The top rope belay lesson may have been my favorite part. I love learning new things!

We learned how to tie our ropes as climbers and how to load the carabiner to belay. We ran through all the steps a few times to show our instructor that we had it down.

Safety is top priority! “Screw down so you don't screw up.”


After our lesson we were all told to keep practicing the rest of the day. The next time we go in we need to take our tests. I will update when we do that!

We climbed for a little bit longer but everyone was getting pretty tired and hungry so we all took a break to grab some slices from Goodfellas.


Since we had day passes, Tori and I decided to go back later and take Ashlee's stretching class. The rest of the group was going to join us but everyone else was too knackered.

I really recommend going to this stretching class after a day of climbing. You use a lot of muscles you don't normally use and stretching them out felt so good! Plus, I felt like my posture was better after class which is always a plus in my book!

The Facility

LEF has a huge coaching room. It's equipped with all the cardio machines including bikes, treadmills, and ellipticals. I was most impressed with the diversity of their equipment!


They had multiple weight machines, monkey bars, gymnast rings, mats, punching bags, medicine balls, pilates balls, kettlebells, dumbbells, bosu balls, and so much more. You could definitely get a full body workout from just the coaching room alone and it would be a great addition to climbing. Once you become a member you have the option to add personal training to your membership too.


In addition to the coaching room, they have three fitness class rooms. Their schedule changes but throughout the year they provide cycling, yoga, strength training, and TRX classes.

You WILL end your day sweaty but guess what? You don't have to leave sweaty. The locker rooms are complete with showers and towel service so you can go straight to your next activity clean and fresh!



LEF knows that kids just want to have as much fun as we're having.

We were pleasantly surprised by how kid friendly L'escalade was. They have a whole kids area for kids to climb (with additional auto-belays) and the kids are also welcome to climb in the adult section. Just keep in mind that kids must be supervised at all times and there is no running allowed.

We saw a kids birthday party happening while we were there which is a great idea if you ask me. I might even have my birthday party there next!


Let's get to the question that's really on your mind. Where's the food?
LEF has a few drinks and snacks for sale including local favorite, Sweet Grass Granola.
Need more? Maria's is practically across the street and multiple downtown restaurants are just a few blocks away.
Remember, you purchase a day pass when you go in so you can leave at any time to eat or run errands and then go back for more later!


So I've convinced you you need to go try LEF?

There are multiple ways to get in!

Go with the First Time Day Pass first for $22. Daily passes after that are just $15 or $80 for a monthly climbing pass.

They have so many options for all budgets including a 10 day pass for $135.

Prices may have changed so make sure to check out their website for more info­­

Full Disclosure: I was contacted by LEF to do a review. All reviews and opinions have always been and will always be completely honest and unswayed regardless of compensation.

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