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hey Ella! Questions answered

$11 — Ask anything you’d like advice on! These questions and answers will be posted on Instagram and sent to Email subscribers.

All details will be edited in public posts to make it confidential - names, details, locations, etc. Answer will also be emailed to you and personalized if I had to leave certain details out for the public post.

personalized Tarot interpretation

$22 — Personalized interpretation tarot card reading for your current life. Send me any questions/problems you’re currently having. You will receive a detailed description of which cards were pulled, the card meaning, and my interpretation based on any details you provided.

HD & Astro lowdown

$33 — Human Design and Astrology can be great markers to guide you or affirm you’re shining your brightest. You will receive both your human design, progressed moon, north node, rising sign and a basic definition of what they all mean. Get an extra oomph when used in conjunction with Hey Ella! or Personalized Tarot.

north node & progressed moon lesson

$55/individually $88/both — In depth explanation of exactly how your North Node and Progressed Moon plays into all aspects of your life. The purpose of this is to give you the tools to guide yourself.

Your North Node is the path you are here to find. Every choice big or small is a chance for you to prove you have learned the lessons you were meant to learn in this lifetime. When you understand your North Node and the lessons you need to be learning you can better advise yourself daily.

Your Progressed Moon changes every 2.5 years. Depending on it’s current location it can mean the difference between you feeling introverted or extroverted, picking up new hobbies, having a sudden attitude or career shift, etc. I’ll explain to you what both of these mean and how it can be affecting you currently.

Progressed Moon requires birth date, time, and location. North Node does not. I advise getting both as they provide different information.

Personalized time management fix

$66 — Do you feel like there's not enough time in the day to get it all done? What you want to do and have to do keep butting heads? Either it's all relax and play or all responsibilities and you can never get it all done?

I will look at your schedule with you and give you solid, personalized tips for how to change your relationship with time. Everyone has 24 hours. Make yours count!

I struggled with this for years and have finally found a system to make it all work for me. Now make it work for you too!

One on one chat & advice

$111/hour 2hr minimum— Let’s make a date for something active! Shopping, hiking, walk,etc. I’ll listen to your story and ask questions. As we go, I’ll give you my intuitive advice.

$55/30 minutes $123/hour — Want extra time? Or want to schedule a follow up? These are perfect for when you have a lotttt to say in the first hang, have that lingering question a few days later, or have an update and need new advice.

life reset package

$678— Reset your nutrition, exercise, self care, and schedule based on your needs, personality, and current lifestyle. 

Includes new lifestyle program, four One on One sessions (1hr per week), any program adjustments within the 4 weeks, questionnaires to begin and throughout the 4 weeks to keep us on the same page

$55/30 minutes $123/hour — These add ons can be used for extra questions during the 4 weeks, questions that pop up after the 4 weeks, or one life update. Life update can include a new job schedule, new food allergy, etc. I’ll help you rework it. Time needed for life updates will vary based on the situation.

If you have two or more life updates I suggest you rebook a Life Reset. Email me if you’re not sure if that is best for you.

Ready to schedule an appointment? Have any questions? Email me!